County generosity can help United Way reach its goal

As the 2004 United Way campaign wraps up in the next two weeks, what matters most is your support. It is needed to achieve this year’s goal.

Helping does not require you to give large amounts. Every penny, every dollar adds up. In Clovis, for example, teachers and staff from the public schools increased their giving to more than $50,000, and the students added about $7,200 more through a brand-new penny drive.

Through Friday, contributions were just over $301,000, or 77 percent of the $392,500 target. While that seems a large gap to close in so little time, this community has a history of doing just that. In fact, it made up similar ground in the last few days of the 2003 campaign.

This year, we’ve seen several hugely successful workplace campaigns, plus many individual donors made significant pledge increases. Contributions are not yet in from some 300 regular donors, so with perhaps a few dozen more new givers it appears the 9 percent goal increase over 2003’s total still can be met.

As the staff and clients of local non-profit organizations will tell you, United Way dollars make a critical difference in improving lives. While agencies receive other funds, United Way monies mean the difference in aiding a few more people a month, or buying equipment vital for a shorthanded, overworked staff to do its work well.

The money raised this year will mean longtime and new United Way agencies will share allocations next year to run their programs that help the neediest among us in four critical areas:

• In times of crisis
• To strengthen youth and families
• To increase self-sufficiency
• To put citizens to work

Some of you may already have given to or pledged support for several other important non-profit campaigns being conducted this fall. We applaud your generosity. Those efforts will fill important spiritual and physical needs in Clovis and Curry County.

And we ask that you open your hearts and wallets again and remember United Way’s many good deeds. United Way can’t allocate what is not sent in or pledged.

So if you haven’t made your pledge or donation, please contact United Way at 105 E. Grand in Clovis right away, or call 769-2103 to do so. Or see the ad elsewhere in today’s Clovis News Journal that has a coupon. Just fill it out, clip it and send it in with your money to United Way. Or drop it off at the News Journal and we’ll take it there for you.

Know that every penny, every dollar you give pays to help our neighbors directly. You aren’t paying for office or staff and campaign costs. Companies and corporations have pledged their gifts to pay all those, so that 100 percent of individual donations go to help those who matter most: our neighbors in need.