Kids have great appreciation of music

By Adan Estrada: Guest Columnist

Music has the power to evoke emotion. It can make you laugh, it can make you smile, or it can even bring a tear to your eye. Music reaches deep inside you and before you know it you’re tapping your foot, bobbing your head and singing along.

As an educator, I have the unique opportunity to see the power of music in action. A child can truly enjoy music because they are not tied to the idea that they must be musically talented to allow themselves to be moved by music.

The innocence of a child shields them from embarrassment when they scream the ABC song while wiggling their entire body. Only a child will develop great feelings of accomplishment by singing, “put your right foot in, put you’re your right foot out” even though they are facing the wrong direction and kicking their left leg to the center of the human circle.

A child has given me a new appreciation of music. My 2-year-old son Cristian has a true love for music. His developing mind thrives on the rhythm and beat of music. What joy it gives me to sing a song to my baby boy and have him sing along. His smile makes me feel like a pop star. Little does he know that I have messed up the lyrics and I am singing out of tune.

I wish I had been blessed with musical talent, but since I wasn’t, I thank God every day that I am blessed with a child who thinks I am.

Adan Estrada is the principal at Bella Vista Elementary School.