Amos: the easter seed tale

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse who types by hurling himself at the keyboard, but he can’t use the capital shift keys and he shuns punctuation marks – except the hyphens and dashes.

the easter seed tale

boss i don t know if you ve
ever had a talk with a mustard
seed before but i did the other
day it was quite enlightening
with this being easter and all

i was shopping in sara
spider s underground
supermarket behind the
church kitchen wall when i
found myself in the wild
bird feed section in fact i
wasn t watching where i was
going and i fell into the
mustard seed bin

hey whatcha doing says one
little seed to me you don t
look like a mustard seed
or a big bird either

i m not says me i m a little
churchmouse but never mind
that what re you doing here

i m hoping for a nice tomb
in good soil and i just hope
and pray that i don t land
on hard ground or the
highway where i ll get eaten
by satan s birds of prey

you said – tomb – are you
sure you didn t mean – home

no i meant tomb says he
you sound like you haven t
heard the story of the
easter seed

the easter seed says me
what s the easter seed

well a long time ago at the
beginning of it all we seeds
lived in paradise we could
sprout into any tree tall and
nice just by willing it to be –
there was no dying no labor
no misery it was perfect
it was a life of fantasy

but an evil seed baron crept
into our world in the dead
of night and stole us seeds
away to a dark dank cave
and there we lay trying to
sprout and get away but
conditions were so bare and
poor we just lay there on the
rocky floor there we stayed
rotting away day after day

then one day the mighty
seedmaster sent down a
golden seed on a ray of light
through a tiny crack in that
cave of night

the golden seed looked just
like us it landed right in the
middle of the worst of us

the evil seed baron didn t
notice him at first instead
he just kept laughing and
muttering curse after curse
i ll get you all says he you ll
soon die in abject pain and
misery nevermore able to
grow into trees or find sweet
peace and sanity

we despaired for our lives
and families but the golden
seed said trust me you ll see
there s a way out of this to a
life full of hope joy and
fruitful victory

the more he spoke the more
we listened and followed him
but then the evil seed baron
found him out betrayed by a
traitorous persimmon seed
with a bittersweet kiss

the evil seed baron beat the
golden seed with a prune
stick until he was broken
and bruised

then the baron with a sneer
of doom says now you die
and here s your tomb and he
placed him in the ground
nevermore to be found

but the golden seed knew
more than the evil baron
that the mighty seedmaster
had placed his spirit within
the heart of the seed and
dying to itself only releases
the life within to rise above
the tomb and touch the sky

he was the easter seed and
showed us the way that we
can forever be free