Some ladies are beautiful in any language

By Curtis K. Shelburne

When I checked e-mail a little while ago, I noticed a semi-news item about the new movie “The Interpreter” and its star Nicole Kidman.

I know nothing about the movie. I know only the film’s title: “The Interpreter.”

But I’ve seen Nicole Kidman in some other films. So I wasn’t all that surprised to see the headline pop across AOL referring to Nicole Kidman as being “Beautiful in Any Language.”

Well, she obviously is, physically speaking. Ah, but there’s the problem. Wherein lies real beauty? Nicole Kidman may indeed be a beautiful person in all the ways that count, but, not knowing her, I have no way to really know.

But that headline made me think. I do indeed know more than a few ladies who truly are “beautiful in any language.” My life has been wonderfully blessed by ladies like them, and I’m quite sure yours also has been blessed by some of their “sisters.”

Beautiful in any language.

I could fill a book with the names of ladies of that description just inside the little church I serve. And I hope you’ll think of a few in your own church and life who would certainly make such a list. Here are just a few on my list:

Tennie McCormick. She’s closer to 100 than she is 90, but her prayers make her truly strong and bless all she loves. Just the courage that she has shown in coming to church long past the time when it was easy for her is enough to make most of us, far less faithful, blush.

Opal Harris. Also past 90, but you’d not know it. She’s shown love in action in ways that it wouldn’t occur to most of us even to consider. She’s forward-thinking far beyond her years and younger than many half her age.

Margaret Wilhite. It’s a joy and a privilege to be her pastor.
This is her church and will be her church and she loves it because she loves the Lord and us unreservedly. I have never once heard her complain about anything. Not ever.
Joy Stancell. Who better to be right at the forefront of making a nursing home a genuine and warm home? I’ve never known a member of any church who was more unfailingly supportive in every way.

And so many more beyond the walls of the church I serve bless me and all those around them. Thank God for them wherever you find them.

These godly ladies are beautiful in any language.