5/8 Letters to the editor

Board should have picked local leader
Home grown has lost its meaning. The “best qualified” again is an outsider.

In the April 24 Clovis News Journal, our new school superintendent said she needs to find out what is needed within Clovis schools.

What we need is loyalty — to all employees at all levels.
When the current budget crunch was first reported the first answer was to cut back on teachers and non-essential personnel. Who are these people? How lightly regarded are they that a full discussion can take place about their livelihood without any true regard being given them?

The ironic truth is no one person can fix our school system; it will take everyone in the system to accomplish this task. The learning curve for the new superintendent will be a minimum of one year. Can Clovis waste another year? Will the people who make their homes here, pay taxes, and entrust their children commit wholeheartedly to a system that does not give itself back to them wholeheartedly?

Three local, dedicated professionals subjected themselves to the interview process for the superintendent’s position — all with the requisite qualifications, all committed to Clovis and its children, and all were turned away.

Our society has seen a loss of jobs — jobs moved to other countries — and a loss of confidence a person felt over a job well done.

This confidence earned the worker a vote of loyalty. Has Clovis given itself over to importing professionals? Is Clovis willing to lose a person dedicated to our system for someone who is not “equally qualified?”

Today we want people who are self driven to excel within our systems. We ask them to give us the best of themselves. Then we ask them to not aspire to the top.

Clovis is not the only community that turned its back on its own, and to be worse off for it.

Eugene Lovato

Zia recycling program makes difference
Our fourth-grade class at Zia Elementary has been learning about recycling. Did you know metal makes up 11 percent of the country’s trash?

At Zia, we recycle aluminum cans. You should bring your cans to Zia. We sell our cans and give the money to the Lifesaver Food Bank, the Lighthouse Mission, and other charities. From there the money goes to the poor.

Throwing away aluminum cans is like throwing away money when you can use it to give to those in need. If people just throw away aluminum cans there soon may be no aluminum left.

So when you give cans to Zia they are recycled into new cans. I hope you will start bringing cans to Zia. We can all make a difference.

Lucas Donaldson
Zia Elementary fourth-grader

Solution to war simple matter
After the fall of Saigon in 1975, Vietnam’s civil war abruptly ended, and the country stabilized and became peaceful.
What was the reason Vietnam’s civil war ended and North and South Vietnamese people stopped shooting at each other?

a) God’s will
b) Ho Chi Minh’s will
c) Jane Fonda’s will
d) American troops pulled out

Dan True