Reality show scouting area for participants

By Leslie Radford: CNJ staff writer

NBC and recording artist Amy Grant are looking to grant wishes in the Clovis area as part of “Three Wishes,” a new prime-time television series that will spotlight people or communities with inspiring stories.

Senior Casting Producer Traci Green said Grant specifically asked NBC to do a casting call in the area because of her ties to Farwell. Grant’s nanny, whose family asks that she not be identified by name for privacy concerns, is a Farwell native.

Farwell’s Pam Norton, the nanny’s sister, said she had briefly talked to Grant in Nashville a few months ago about the show. Grant was on her way to California at that time to shoot the pilot for the program.

“She seemed really excited to do the show,” said Norton, who was in Tennessee to visit family. “Amy is such a caring person. She has a big heart and I think this show will reflect that. She didn’t tell me much about it, but I think she may have thought of Farwell to do the show because she is familiar with the area and visits here often.”

Norton said she has known Grant for about 25 years and visits often with her and husband Vince Gill.

“We are looking to grant as many wishes as possible,” said Green. “We are interested in doing this as quickly as possible because we are hoping to shoot at the end of July or sooner.”

Green said the network wanted to set up a tent on Main Street in Clovis to grant individual wishes for area residents during Pioneer Days, but needs one compelling story to draw them here. That event has not been confirmed, she said.

“We’re looking for that one story that stands out,” she said. “People should be creative when asking for their wish. The story should be inspirational and be something of interest to everyone.”

Even though the producers are given a budget, Green said there is no story too big and money is no object when it comes to making dreams come true.

“We want to grant as many wishes as possible,” Green said. “The only thing we cannot do is home makeovers. There are already shows that focus on that and we want to focus on individuals or their communities.”

She said examples of the heart-warming stories the network is looking for may involve personal journeys, fantasies, reunions, tragic stories, surprises, community programs at risk, schools, businesses, families in need, etc.

Nine shows will be filmed for NBC’s “Three Wishes” scheduled for Friday nights beginning this fall.

To nominate someone for “Three Wishes,” gather a picture of the nominee, a personal biography, a detailed description of the desired wish, contact information for yourself and the nominee, and send it to:
• E-mail:
• Phone: (818) 566-6803
• Address: June Road Productions, 212 Evergreen Productions, Burbank, Calif. 91505
• is also accepting nominations over the Web