Amos 6-10

By Gary Mitchell

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

a trek across texas

boss do you ever get so wrapped
up in the busy-ness and routine
of life that you lose the
wonder of it all

that s the way it s seemed to
me lately here in the church
pew underworld

life is so mundane
i complained to pastor leroy
beetle all i do is eat sleep
work go to church and run
away from marcellus the cat

i tell you my life is in a rut i
might as well live out the rest
of my life in a run-down hut
everything s the same
there s nobody to blame
like ecclesiastes says
there s nothing new
under the sun
nothing that somebody
hasn t already done
no more new fun no
more run and gun no
more games to be won

my life is like that
old rock n roll song
little boxes on the
hillside little boxes
made out of ticky-tacky
and they re all made out
of ticky-tacky and they
all look just the same

boss life is closing in on me
like those little boxes and i
have to get away for a while

that s what i decided so i went
for a hike east across the
country i needed to see some
new landscape beyond
the church doors and the
kitchen trash can

it took me the better part of a
day – little gray mice can t hike
real fast boss – but i made it to
the texas-new mexico border

once i crossed over into texas i
thought i was there to stay
forever it seemed i would live
and die in texas in fact i ran
across a postcard that read
the sun is riz the sun is set
and here i is in texas yet

somewhere in the north part
of texas off interstate 40
there s a rest stop with a metal
sign describing the area
one sentence on that sign
caught my eye it read –
traveling the high plains of
texas is an experience
in immensity

no kidding says me to
nobody in the vicinity

i looked around me as far as
the eye could see and across
the vast stretches of open land
and sky all i could see was the
limitless expanse of infinity

i was overwhelmed boss
but then the thought occurred
to me that getting to know god
was a little bit like that

it could be described as an
experience in immensity

take for example his love for us
and the salvation he offers each
of us – it s unfathomable

it s like the apostle paul says
in ephesians – god s love
is so great that it surpasses
knowledge – it s beyond
our finite knowing –
we can only stand in awe of
its vastness and immensity

all of a sudden boss i felt
like a pretty tiny little
creature – but a secure one
because that immensity also
shows us how much he loves us
exclamation point there boss