7/13 Letters to the editor

Local businesses waste most water
I keep hearing about the water shortage and how we can help save water. Then I drive down Prince Street and see all the restaurant employees washing down their drive and parking area with gallons and gallons of water.

They take well over one-half hour to wash their business areas and all the water just runs down the street looking for a lower area to flow into and dry up.

Why don’t these places use brooms to sweep and clean up? We had to sweep up a few years ago. Now, water is wasted to make it easier to clean up and not overwork the teenagers who are doing this work?

How can you tell all your citizens to not water and to conserve water, then turn around and allow the businesses to waste the water?

Bill Backus

Rowan’s remarks unfounded
I am not a current resident of Clovis, but a previous one. Since I have family still living in the area, the events and issues of the day are of vital interest to me.

Kirby Rowan’s letter to the editor (Sunday’s CNJ) is interesting. His diatribe against President Bush and the circumstances of the war in the Middle East cause me to wonder. Is Rowan’s attitude predicated upon his personal experience in the war zone — or any war zone? Is he an expert on middle eastern civilization and affairs? Is he an author on middle eastern history or political science? Did he prepare his doctoral thesis on matters relating to the Middle East, political science or modern warfare?

If Rowan’s remarks were not well-founded upon facts or personal achievements, then I sincerely recommend that his reading and/or educational experiences be extended and enhanced.

I know individuals who are or have been in the Middle East during times of war and of peace. I know a great many more who have lived and served in war-torn nations during and since World War II. Neither I nor any of them would agree with Rowan’s emotional comments on a subject that appears to be largely unfamiliar to him.

James L. Jensen
Katy, Texas