Texico re-examining involvement with Ute pipeline project

CNJ staff

Texico city officials said Tuesday they are taking a closer look at its involvement in the Ute Water pipeline project in light of Tucumcari’s recent departure from the project.

Officials said no decision has been made by the city council on their future participation in the project, which would pump water from Ute Reservoir throughout the region to participating entities.

“We are looking at the whole project and the city’s involvement in the whole project,” said Texico City Clerk Mike Hannagan. “The council has made no decision on it yet.”

Councilor Oran Autrey said the high cost of the project is causing some concern in the community.

“Everybody is just concerned about the cost of it, with San Jon, Tucumcari and all them dropping out, they were just concerned about what the cost would be,” he said.

Of the original 12 participating entities, four have dropped out — San Jon, Tucumcari, Logan and Quay County.

“They (other communities) dropped out for their own better benefit, just for the betterment for their community,” Autrey said.

Eastern New Mexico Rural Water Authority officials say the proposed $300-million project will be paid for mostly by the federal government. But participating entities would have to cover about $30 million of the expenses. The project would cost $11.6 million for Clovis at current costs.

There was minimal discussion of the Ute Water pipeline project at Tuesday’s council meeting in Texico.