By Gary Mitchell: CNJ columnist

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift keys, and he shuns punctuation marks – except dashes and hyphens.

a paradoxical twist

boss i ran into a
paradox the other day
and it baffled me

it was right there in
my bible all the time
and i didn t know it –
give and it shall be
given unto you –

i had read that passage
in luke six thirty-eight
a dozen times or more
but my little beady eyes
wouldn t let me get past
it this time boss

how can that be i asked
myself maybe i misread
it surely it meant – give
and it shall be taken away –
or – get and you shall receive
– or – give and you shall be
poor – or – take and you
shall prosper – or – give
and soon you shall have
nothing at all

there must be some mistake
but there it was in bold
print – give and it shall be
given unto you –

i don t understand i shook
my head and kicked the
sand how can you give and
then receive is that something
i can believe

of course you can said a tiny
voice out of nowhere to me
i turned around and looked
up and down but no one
could i see

over here said he it s
me freddy the flea it s
easy don t you see says he

no i don t says i you
sure this ain t a lie

no trust me says he
it s a paradox

where – i don t even
see any nurses

not pair of docs ya dope
paradox is something
that seems to be a

i think you re a
contradiction yourself says i

no it s like catch-22 in
reverse says he look it s
like a spiritual principle
the more you give the more
you will be given
it s like in nature
what you sow you reap

for example says he if you
sow or give out hate then
you ll get anger and hatred
in return

looky here he said try this
test – put on a smile that s
it give it your best
now see what happens when
you smile as if you re blest
now smile at the next person
the next and all the rest

i did it boss even though i
thought he was crazy and a
little bit weird
at first it was a strain but
then it was fun i smiled at
people i smiled at the sun

then an amazing thing
happened – ugly frowns
turned into happy grins
grumbles into chuckles
and dragging feet into

what gives says me
what made those faces
glow so

you did said freddy flea
you created harmony
when you exercised your
paradox gave away your
smile and received cheesy
grins by the box

boss maybe there is
something to this thing
called paradox after all