7/17 Letters to the editor

Pool vandals’ origin not determined
I was saddened by the article in Wednesday’s CNJ about the vandalism at Potter Pool. I was saddened to learn that someone vandalized the pool, but I was more saddened by comments made by city of Clovis Parks Superinten-dent Neil Lambert.

In the article, Lambert is quoted as saying, “We spent over a million dollars to get the pool up and running. Then for them to come in and do something stupid like that. It’s the nicest park in town. They are doing stuff like this in their own neighborhood — that’s what really upsets me.”

The article reports that Lambert said an unidentified person or persons vandalized the pool and there were no leads or suspects at the time the article was written.

If those responsible for the vandalism are not known, I feel that Lambert should keep his opinions to himself as to where the vandals live. It could very well be that someone from the neighborhood vandalized the pool area, but that has not been determined. The neighborhood residents are therefore innocent until proven otherwise.

It is sad to know that Lambert, who represents the voice of the city of Clovis in this article, can make such ugly assumptions and verbalize them to the public. He owes the city of Clovis as well as this neighborhood a public apology.

Jackie Tucker

Freedom of speech not limited by degree
Wow. James L Jensen (Wednesday’s CNJ) sure went to great lengths to repudiate Kirby Rowan’s letter (July 10 CNJ).

I’ll just bet our esteemed commander in chief doesn’t meet all of those qualities Jensen asked of Rowan. Is George Bush an expert on middle eastern history or political science? Did he prepare his doctoral thesis on matters relating to the Middle East, political science or modern warfare? I think not.

Possibly this is the reason we are in the mess we are now in with Iraq.

I’m proud to be an American, and have the freedom to express my views and thoughts.

W. L. Lee