9/9 Religion Digest

Bishop being honored with birthday ball
The bishop at First Church of God in Christ has many blessings to celebrate at the upcoming Evening Ball his congregation has planned for him.

Bishop W.C. Green is being honored with the special event to celebrate his 75th birthday. Dianne Nance, first administrator at the church, said he will also be honored for his 48 years of service to the Clovis church. “It will be all about how much we appreciate him,” Nance said.

Bishop Green will also be celebrating the safety of family members who were affected by Hurricane Katrina. Nance said Bishop Green was busy praying for everyone’s safety and has currently turned his attention to collecting money and items for the hurricane victim’s.

According to Nance, the formal event which is planned for Oct. 15 at St. John’s Baptist Church will be a chance to dress-up and “have fun in the Lord.” The entire congregation will dress in black or white and enjoy food and fellowship.

“He is a Godly man with a compassionate heart,” Nance said. “We want him to have a glorious time.”