9/15 Letters to the editor

Civilization should coexist with wildlife
I just wanted to thank Susan Hubby and her associates for taking the time to save and relocate the prairie dogs. What a wonderful and caring person.

Prairie dogs are getting a bad rap, along with coyotes, pigeons and trash-raiding bears. What’s wrong with this picture? We humans are taking over their habitats. They are an “inconvenience” to us. They are here for a reason, as I suppose most of us humans are, too.

Coexisting would be nice. I guess certain people would lose money on that concept. We all know what spins this world around.

Peggy Wyatt

Citizens should have been prepared
During this time of finger pointing about who is to blame for the disaster in New Orleans, a timely supplement was mailed to our homes from the New Mexico Department of Health.

I hope everyone that received “Safe & Ready” took the time to read its important message of protecting your family and home in an emergency. It tells about your responsibilities to create a family emergency plan.

Yes, the first person to act intelligently before and during a disaster is you. Had the citizens of New Orleans done so, they would have had emergency kits of food and water ready when the hurricane hit — even their medications. They wouldn’t have arrived at the Dome empty handed. They may have even found their own transportation to evacuate.

The second body to act intelligently is your local government agencies. Yes, the city of New Orleans needed an evacuation plan. How many cities in our nation, including Clovis, have an evacuation plan in case of an emergency? Does Clovis have a plan to inform all its uninformed citizenry about “Safe & Ready?”

As for finger pointing — I just wish news agencies were more accurate in what they have to report.

Glenda Anspaugh

Katrina’s story will show determination
In response to the Dan True letter (“Rescue excuses most unacceptable” in Sunday’s CNJ):

I seriously doubt any Brit is laughing at any aspect of the devastation of this terrible disaster in New Orleans. Only a narrow-minded, mean-spirited soul would take advantage of the pain and suffering of others in an attempt to advance his political agenda.

The history lesson, though not pertinent to this situation, shows the grit and determination of the British people, as well as their ability to help themselves, not waiting on Uncle Sugar to do something for them.

I’m sure that as the story of Katrina is finally written, we will see a lot of the same grit and determination shown by the American people.

Stanley L. Glenn

Remember to give to local agencies
The Clovis community and all surrounding areas have responded in an overwhelming manner with donations for Katrina relief. The High Plains people have shown tremendous love and generosity.

Now, please remember your local Food Bank, United Way, Red Cross and Salvation Army. These local community agencies still have to help our people who are in need, meet payroll, pay utilities, buy supplies.

Please, when giving, do not forget “our team.”

Mary Weigl