There are poor people in America, too

Letters to the Editor

I am writing regarding Glenda Anspaugh’s letter in Thursday’s paper (“Citizens should have been prepared”):

Is she kidding? Is she calling the people of New Orleans unintelligent because they didn’t have an emergency kit ready?

Some of these people can hardly feed their families on a daily basis, much less stow away extra just in case. This disaster happened at the end of the month when money is low, if not already gone.

As for arriving at the shelter empty-handed, a lot of them walked miles to get there. This is America’s reality — there are people less fortunate out there, people who just plain can’t afford to be more prepared.

Lisa Holt

Dumping helpless pets is cruel

I’d like to give a report on three young cats that arrived unexpectedly in our neighborhood two weeks ago.

The pretty little calico had her kittens, and she and they are being cared for until a new home can be found for them.

The darling little black and white one and the beautiful solid white one with blue eyes are also being cared for, though we must find permanent homes for them as well.

They are all very affectionate and it will not be easy to part with them.

We’re wondering if the mixed-breed puppy that arrived at the same time is from the same person.

How can anyone dump their helpless pets? The actions are irresponsible and cruel.

Sally Lowry and Linda Pierce

Clovis Music Festival worth the drive

I drove down from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, specifically to attend the Clovis Music Festival.

… I have to tell you the Norman Petty Studio was reason enough to visit Clovis. As a music fan, and more specifically a Buddy Holly Crickets fan, the studio is worth the drive.

I spent three hours in the studio three years ago and have since told other people from as far away as England … who have then visited the studio. Clovis has a unique and important piece of music history right in your midst.

Imagine my excitement when I learned earlier this year that Clovis would host a music festival centered around the Norman Petty Studio and the artists that recorded there. …
I have to say I felt very much at home in Clovis. … The whole event was excellent and very professional. I hope the festival will return in 2006.

Brian Wilson