9/23 view from under the pew

Editor’s note: Last week, Amos described an encounter with a college hamster named Henry, an agnostic who sincerely wanted to know how to have faith. Amos is a churchmouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

the agnostic hamster – part two

silly me boss i decided to try
again – henry there is a god and
you can know it for sure

how says he how do you know
absolutely for certain that there
is a god when a lot of evidence
would indicate that there may
not be one at all

the main reason we know god
exists says me is because the
bible says so

how do you know the bible is
really true says he

because the bible is god s word
says me

how do you know the bible is
god s word says he

obviously boss the next answer
was going to be because the
bible says so as well as saying
something about its
trustworthiness timelessness
and timeliness

but i could tell that we were
about to be tangled up in a
never-ending cyclical argument
so i decided on a different
approach – after all his questions
had to do with faith

henry says me i believe the bible
is true and that it s god s word
because i have faith in him and
in his word that it s so

then how do you get faith
says he

boss he was asking all the right
questions i just didn t have the
right answers

for a churchmouse who grew up
in church all his life it was still a
tough question
it had just seemed to me that
faith was always at hand
always available for the asking

it s easy says me all you have to
do is to believe in jesus – believe
that he died on the cross for
your sins and rose from the
dead so that you can have
everlasting life and full
forgiveness from your sins

how can i believe when i don t
have any faith says he you
have to have faith to believe
so how do i get faith to believe

boss it was a real stumper to an
inexperienced witness like me
i was certain that there were
scriptures that applied here –
such as romans ten-eight that
says the word is nigh thee
even in thy mouth and in thy
heart – that is the word of faith –
or romans twelve-three which
says god hath dealt to every
man a measure of faith

but boss how could he accept
those passages if he didn t
believe in the bible as god s word

like i said it was a real stumper
and my heart went out to him
i wanted to help and didn t
know how

since then boss i ve decided that
it simply came down to a matter
of communication
you don t communicate faith
intellectual arguments run out
eventually and frustration
often sets in

but that can be good boss
because it can lead a person
to the real point of faith

faith isn t an intellectual
process it s a heart matter
an exercise – not of the mind –
but of the will

faith without action is dead
faith in the mind is stillborn
but faith in the heart moves
mountains – and saves souls