Car wash raises funds for slain child’s family

Friends, family and volunteers from the community gathered Saturday morning at Taco Box in Clovis for a car wash to raise money for the family of Carlos Perez. (Staff photo: Sharna Johnson)

By Andy Jackson: CNJ staff writer

At least 30 school kids from Gattis, Yucca, Cameo, Lockwood and Clovis High schools volunteered their time on Saturday to wash cars. They raised $1,017 for the family of Carlos Perez, 10, who was shot to death last week.

Norma Sanchez lives on 15th Street across from the Perez family.

“Carlos’ aunt, Minerba Bailon, asked me to donate money to help with funeral and moving expenses” Sanchez said Saturday.

“I thought about giving my grocery money. I had seen car washes in front of Taco Box.

“On Monday I called radio stations to announce that we were having a car wash to raise money … and Rick Sanchez on 94.7 said he could make a commercial out of it. He aired it four times a day all week. He came out … and gave away free food and prizes and Advance Auto Parts donated supplies,” Norma Sanchez said.

Norma Sanchez said she was hoping to get $500 to help Lupe Perez pay for her son’s funeral and for a move into a new home.

After the money was raised between the hours of 8a.m. and 4:30p.m., 15 people presented it to Lupe Perez.

“She [Lupe] cried and said ‘thank you.’ All of her family was with her — at least 50 people” Sanchez said.

Police have said Carlos’ brother, Ruben Perez, 18, was involved in an incident with 15-year-old Orlando Salas the day before the fatal shooting. Several members of the Salas family have been arrested in connection with Carlos’ death.

Many have speculated that Ruben Perez was the intended target of the shooting since he shared a bedroom with Carlos.

“We prayed for Ruben,” Sanchez said.