Reporter’s notebook: Local publishes book of poems

Brenda Marshall-Wilsea says she never leaves home without carrying a notebook and pen.

Wilsea is the author of “Special Poems to the Lord,” a 30-page book of inspirational passages. A simple, sky-blue cover shows a dove of peace.

According to the poet, she has been working on this book of poetry for the last five years. “God told me it was a good time to get published,” Wilsea said.

Wilsea said she writes in church, in the middle of the night or whenever the mood hits her. “These poems are from God’s heart to mine,” Wilsea said.

The forty-ish Clovis homemaker said she was raised in a religious household and is currently active in the choir. “I’ve always been in the gospel service,” Wilsea said.

Wilsea’s book was published by Vantage Press of New York, N.Y. One of the poems, “Never Give Up,” urges people to … never give up.

Vantage Press publicity personnel said the book shows the extent of the poet’s faith with a fervor approaching ecstasy.

Wilsea said the purpose of this first-edition paperback book is to enable people to learn about God and the bible.

“I have enough poems to fill five more books,” she added.

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