Charity concert set for November

Jana Stanfield stretches her vocal chords not to win the attention of Nashville country music producers, but to raise money for charity.

Country recording artists and Clovis native Jana Stanfield will perform in November at the Portales High School Auditorium.

All proceeds will go to the Panhandle Muscular Dystrophy Association, according to concert coordinator Judy Hall.
About 21 local children with muscular dystrophy will be able to attend summer camp with the proceeds, said Hall, who described Stanfield’s music as multi-faceted. “Her concerts entertain, inspire, and encourage,” Hall said.

On the road, Stanfield credited her charitable spirit to several trips to Bali.

“People are always saying, ‘when I get rich I will give donate money to charity; when I get rich, I will make a difference.’ Well, Bali made me rich.

“When you go there, you can turn $100 American dollars into about a million Bali dollars,” said Stanfield, who visited the Indonesian island in 2003 and 2004.

Upon her return to the states, the Eastern New Mexico University grad raised about $50,000 to renovate a Balinese orphanage.

The fund-raising began with a campaign to collect money from audience members who forget to turn off their cell phones — if they rang during a Chicken Soup for the Soul seminar, led by author Jack Canfield, Stanfield would request $5 for the orphanage.

When Stanfield stepped on stage, seminar members deliberately rang their cell phones and donated about $25,000 for the orphanage, the singer said.

Stanfield will embark on her third trip to Bali in December, but not before she stops to grab a bite to eat at the Clovis Taco Box and raises money for High Plains camp-goers, she said.

Some of the singer’s fans will accompany her on the Indonesian trip, she said.

“I feel that goodness is coming back into fashion in a very contagious way lately,” Stanfield said. “And I am so glad to be from Clovis, New Mexico.”

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