11/4 amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a churchmouse who types by hurling himself at the computer keys, but he can’t operate the capital shift keys, and he shuns punctuation marks — except dashes and hyphens.

mountaintop manna

i ve been to the mountaintop
boss and the air is thin cool
and clear

i ve just returned from a
mousey christian writer s
conference and inspiration
is spilling over my cup my
problem boss is that i can t
seem to catch any of it

the speakers spoke
brilliantly words gleamed
in all their connotative glory
and mousey writers poised
on the edges of their
cushioned thimbles
with pen in paw

it was awesome boss
i almost learned something
but i caught myself in time

we were inspired and
motivated our spirits
re-fired and resuscitated
but mostly we enjoyed
the coffee cheese and
doughnuts the best

the high point though
was the keynote speaker
who was a wise old
mousey writer with
long gray whiskers

you ll never do great
things for god until you
experience the power of
his transforming glory
in your life says he

it won t happen until you
encounter the risen glorified
jesus then he cited the
experience of john wesley
mouse first on aldersgate
street and then at fetterslane
when he and others
experienced an outpouring of
the holy spirit during their
worship and prayer time

the scripture passage that the
wise old mouse used was jesus
transfiguration described in luke
nine verses twenty-seven to

the wise old gray-whiskered
fella looked intently into our
young bright eyes and he said
not only was jesus transformed
by his glory but his glory in us
can transform us as his disciples

as he reveals his glory to us
his glory changes us into his
image his likeness
from glory to glory

the mountaintop experience
is only temporary
the old mouse said

what was the purpose of
the transfiguration he asked
his glory is our power for
service our resource for
rescuing others

you can t build tents towers
or tabernacles on the
mountaintops of our
feelings but you can
scatter his power by
demonstrating his glory
in the valley of groans

he paused a moment
you can t do it empty
without a glimpse of his
glory – without knowing him
in his fullness

life now has taken on a
new fullness and joy boss
all because of a joy-filled
life-enriching mousey
writer s meeting