Like Noah’s ark, only one door to salvation: Jesus

By Judy Brandon: Local Columnist

During our children’s growing up years, they had a multitude of toys. Each birthday and Christmas brought a new batch of the latest from the toy market. I still recall all the special toys that were such a part our children’s lives. When I pass aisles of toys in the stores, my mind goes back to precious times when the children were content to stay home and play and I was content to watch them.

Over time, Annie and Buffy had a variety of Cabbage Patch dolls, tea sets and just plain baby dolls that could do amazing things such as take a bottle, cry, and say “I love you.”

Then John Scott was big on things such as dump trucks, John Deere tractor replicas and Hot Wheels. Once he had a plastic lawn mower that made such a racket I finally threw it away.

All three had an abundance of puzzles, coloring books, markers, Legos, small Sesame Street characters and plastic farms and houses with little figures. We had every kind of ball: Basketball, soccer ball, volleyball, tetherball and football.

But especially do I remember the Noah’s ark set with all the animals. The set included elephants, giraffes, pigs, lions, birds and cows.

When it was summer and the wading pool was in the backyard, the Noah’s ark set came out. The ark was yellow and the door let down as if the animals could walk on top of the door into the ark. Of course the animals couldn’t walk but, when pretending, they could!

So during wading pool days it was a ritual. All the animals were lined up. As I filled up the wading pool and the water got deeper, the kids took each animal and put them, pair by pair into the ark. When all the animals were in, someone would close the door and put the art in the water to float. The ark came equipped with old Noah and the family. Also Noah could stick his head up out of the ark! The concept was probably not Biblical with Noah’s head sticking up out of the ark but the animals did go in the only door .The ark provided safety for them all from the flood.

Two things stand out about this Noah’s ark experience and the biblical account. The children had to put the animals in the ark but Noah didn’t have to do that. The Bible says that the animals just came. (Genesis 7:8-9)

Second, according to the biblical story, the ark had one door so there was just one way in. (Genesis 7:16.) The mighty elephants came in the same way as the meek and feeble lambs. The powerful lions entered the same door the rabbits hopped through. The eagles flew in the same entrance that the slithery snakes crawled through. There were no special privileges for the elephants or giraffes and no extra accommodations for the jumping frogs and unhurried turtles. They all came through same door.

Jesus is the door. He said he was the door. He does not force us — He just provided the way for us to come to God through Him. Influence, money, or social standing is irrelevant when coming to God. None of us can come to God on our own credentials. The only thing that counts is our decision to walk through the door.

Judy Brandon is an instructor at Clovis Community College. Contact her at: