Cats’ Sweet trying to carry on family tradition

Clovis head coach Eric Roanhaus, right, talks with senior quarterback Devin Sweet during the second half of last week’s Class 5A quarterfinal playoff game against Manzano at Leon Williams Stadium. (CNJ staff photo: Eric Kluth)

By Jesse Wolfersberger: CNJ staff writer

Senior Devin Sweet is a starter at quarterback and free safety for the Clovis High football team. He leads the Wildcats in touchdown passes (12) and defensive interceptions (5). Sweet’s father, brother, uncle, and a number of cousins have played sports on the college level, something he hopes is in his future.

Q: Have you been recruited by any colleges?
A: I’ve had a couple colleges call me. I haven’t gotten any offers or anything. I’d like to go play. I love football. When football season comes around that’s all I think about, that’s all I want to do. I love football to death. If I get the chance to go play college football I’ll jump on that so fast.

Q: What is it like having so many family members who went on to play sports in college?
A: It’s kinda hard some times. Coming from a family of people who have played college sports, it’s kinda expected.

Q: What’s worse: Throwing an interception or missing a tackle?
A: Probably missing a tackle. Being a free safety, if I miss a tackle, there’s no one left. If I throw an interception, I’ve got linemen and I’ve got Tanner (Fickling). Tanner is the leading tackler on my interceptions.

Q: What’s the hardest part about playing two ways?
A: Being in shape. The only time I get a break is during special teams. I love it though. Last year, I didn’t play when the offense was on the field, but this year I love going both ways. You get to throw, and run and tackle. It’s fun. I love it.

Q: What’s scarier: Death or facing Coach Eric Roanhaus on the sidelines after you throw an interception?
A: Well, I’ve never really experienced death, but right now I’d have to say coming back to the sidelines after throwing an interception. The good thing about playing both ways is I don’t have to come off the field. I usually don’t hear about it until film day.

Q: What’s your favorite play?
A: Probably the latest play I like to run is our reverse to Rishard (Matthews). It’s a lot of fun.

Q: How would Terrell Owens go over as a Clovis Wildcat?
A: Not very well. He’s an individual. Here we concentrate on the team. Our saying is ‘One team, one heartbeat.’ I don’t really think it would work out with him here because there is no one here like that. He probably wouldn’t like it here.