Unique for Christmas

By Sharna Johnson, Kevin Wilson, and Ryn Gargulinski: Freedom Newspapsers

Editor’s note: Reporters from the Clovis News Journal, Portales News-Tribune and Quay County Sun went shopping this week. Their mission: Find the weirdest Christmas gifts possible. Here’s what they came up with:

What it is: .Rose tarantula
Price: $17.95 (Don’t forget: small animal keeper $5.99, water sponge $2, aquarium sand $5, feeder crickets 12 for $1)
Where: Al’s Pets, Clovis
What it does: A low-maintenance, easy-care pet, this tarantula is suitable for ages 9 and up. Males live
1-2 years, females up to 25 years. Requires gentle handling.

What it is: Spanish sword
Price: $48
Where: NoWhereElse, Portales.
What it does: The sword, with a blade length of approximately 30 inches, could be used as a weapon, but it’s recommended for display.

What it is: Alien skull
Price: $23.89
Where: Tee Pee Curios, Tucumcari
What it does: Either imported from Roswell or hand culled with a specially conditioned alien skull metal detector, these creepy creatures wait on the shelf to get put under the tree.

What it is: Checker shot set
Price: $29.99
Where: Roden-Smith Village, Clovis
What it does: Play a game of checkers, with a twist. After
filling the shot glasses with your drink of choice, players begin a normal game of checkers — only in this version, if your piece is jumped you have to drink the contents of the glass.

What it is: Portable camping/hunting toilet
Price: $9.49 (refill bags $3.29)
Where: Bullets & Bait, Clovis
What it does: A gift for the hunter or camper who has everything. It’s able to support a maximum weight of 225 pounds.

What it is: Rope spittoon
Price: $60
Where: Bar G Western Wear, Portales.
What it does: The artistic piece is meant to resemble a spittoon, which is a receptacle for excess tobacco juice. However, a rope spittoon is just for display.

What it is: Gartopf stoneware fermentation pot
Price: $109.95
Where: Makin it Natural, Clovis
What it does: Allows for the production of sauerkraut, pickles and pickled vegetables at home. The process takes 30 days or more in a German-style crock pot.

What it is: Woman’s rabbit fur vest
Price: $46
Where: Horse Feathers, Clovis
What it does: Bright and colorful in orange, lime green, pink or black, this unusual vest made of rabbit fur is bound to get attention.

What it is: Peruvian masks
Price: $30-$55
Where: Coyote Moon Designs, Tucumcari
What it does: Conversation pieces that scream with uniqueness.

What it is: Dale Earnhardt collector car
Price: $500
Where: Sports Angle, Clovis
What it does: From the “Elite Series,” this car has working hinges and is a full-scale replica of one raced by the late legendary NASCAR driver.

What it is: Lizards that grow
Price: $1.59
Where: Del’s gift shop, Tucumcari
What it does: Great for stocking stuffers, these 3-inch colorful lizards, when put in water, grow 600 times their size.

What it is: 1939 Oakland Oaks jersey.
Price: $180
Where: Big League Sports, Portales
What it does: The Oakland Oaks played in the Pacific Coast League in the first half of the 20th century, Big League owner Chuch Abbott said. The jersey has a special commemorative patch because baseball higher-ups mistakenly believed that the game was invented in 1839 by Abner Doubleday.

What it is: Rolling backpack
Price: $26.95
Where: Cydney’s Main Street Antiques, Clovis
What it does: A rolling back pack combined with a stuffed terry cloth animal — great for younger kids who like to tote their books or toys with flair.

What they are: Hoof boots
Price: $10 to $40.
Where: Bar G Western Wear, Portales.
What it does: If you have horses, their winter months will be a little less harsh with these covers.