11/25 amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

a new attitude for bertie

the other day boss i
ran across little bertie
woeworm – actually i
tried to avoid him but
he spotted me anyway

you remember bertie
boss he s the sort of
fellow who when he
walks into a room
you feel like somebody
just turned out the lights

bertie was crying
it s so sad he said
the world is worse
than really bad

bugs on drugs
wars and pesticides
attacks on ladybugs
crime and sewer-cide

it s so sad again he said
the world is doubly worse
than really bad

what with owlless
nights and rainy days
trapdoor spiders and
the skunk-sprayed haze
life is bad and i m so
sad there ain t no
way to make me glad

life can t be that hard
says me not when you
know the lord

what do you mean
jelly bean says he
rather snippily

just this says me life ain t
what it seems happiness
and joy it can bring

but what about the
pain and misery says he

oh life may have its
ups and downs
sometimes dark
clouds will abound
but a way through
or around them
can still be found

but i don t see how
that works in the
here and now
you sure you didn t
fall off a cow

all you have to do
says me is change
your gloom-icity

i never heard of
gloomicity says he

that s what you have
trust me says me you need
to trade your dark and dreary
gloomicity for a bright and
cheery felicity

what s that says he

that s looking at things from
the sunny-side up instead
of the dreary-side down

all you have to do is
develop an attitude of
now this is not just a
platitude so i can t
give you much latitude

no matter if you meet a
grumpy dude just walk on
by and say howdy-do
or when you re under a
cloud or two be thankful
for a shade to keep you cool
when someone to you
is rude you don t have
to treat them crude

just develop an attitude
of gratitude
bring jesus into your
by the way you
handle your moods
and how you drive
away your blues

with gratitude as
your attitude boss
thanksgiving isn t
just a holiday
it becomes a holy way