Student profile: Micah Lansford

Micah Lansford is a senior at Clovis High School. He is the son of David and Debbie Lansford.

What is your favorite TV show past and present? “Hang Time” and “Rocky and Bullwinkle” were my favorite shows about 10 years ago, but presently “Smallville” is most definitely the best.
What do you envision your life being like in 10 years? I envision myself having completed dental school and hopefully married with a small family.
If I could do anything, I would… probably skydive or go to the moon.
What is your favorite taste? Grenadine Coke from Rooster’s.
What is your favorite smell? Fresh mountain air.
Offices held: Student body vice-president, 10th grade class president
Honors received: Danforth Award, Ag. Mech. Design Award, RVLA Award, student rotarian, homecoming court, honor roll
Church/community activities: Central Baptist Church
Hobbies: Snowboarding, water skiing, golfing, welding, and hanging out with friends.
Future plans: Attend Texas Tech for pre-dental