12/23 amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

the discarded ornaments attic

boss while strolling around
in the attic the other day i
stumbled into a sea of christmas
tree ornaments

there were red ones gold
ones blue ones green ones
and purple ones as well as
designer balls ornaments with
witty sayings and scripture
verses on them and ones that
simply read merry christmas

the attic floor shimmered
in a sea of christmas balls
it was an incredible sight
but i couldn t see the other
side of the attic which marked
my destination so i tried to
wade through the undulating
ornamental ocean

hey watch it bub says a
snarling purple ball

you talkin to me says me
more in surprise than
in a huff

yeah short stuff says he
still in a gruff where do
you think you re going

way over there where
the curtains are blowing

too bad so sad you ain t
gonna make it over there dad

aw let him go says a bright
gold ball he s not very tall
you ll only make him stumble
and fall – or worse start to bawl

i don t bawl says me to the
bright gold ball

yeah – make him bawl
says a sparkly little ball

now where s your Christmas
spirit says a glowing silver
globe or do you care about
getting holiday demerits

merits – demerits – schmerits
says the purple guy who cares
about us or even asks why
we re here we be the season s
rejects santa s discards the
ornamental dejects – life is just
peachy here in the attic stowaway
so why don t you take your
mousey self and go away

but says me you re all so
pretty and bright surely
someone will come tonight
to hang you on a tree all
festooned with flashing lights

yeah i ll bet they come for me
says one green ball decorated
elaborately they ll hang me on
the prettiest christmas tree
cause i m specially designed
with a butterfly and lyrics
that rhyme

what about me says one silver
ball with a christmas poem
etched around its equator
i m an educated ornament i m
one-of-a-kind unique without
an equal or an imitator

but look at us says a row of
solid-colored balls nobody
wants us we re not even
good enough to deck the halls

that s just it says the grumpy
purple ball you re all full of
flaws – with peeled paint
cracked designs and lumps
from many a fall
face it – nobody wants you
at all you might as well go
crash into a wall

then says the bright gold ball
now what s all this fuss you re
looking at the minuses instead
of the plus

what s that says me

why glory be says he just
look at you – full of color
sparkle and hue – you ve been
made for a purpose to be joy
and light in this season so bright
why you re created for service
you ve each been gifted and
designed with a shining color
a pretty scene or a lyrical rhyme
so you can declare the reason
for the season that jesus is
the light of the universe he
came the darkness to disperse
and to end death s curse

and boss he was right – the
ornaments lined up decorated
the walls the hall the chairs and
discarded trees – and made that
attic shine for the glory of god