1/13 amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift key, and he shuns punctuation marks – except dashes and hyphens.

it s weird friday amos

strange things have been
happening to me today boss
it s like some black cat
has been planning my
things-to-do list

first of all i didn t
want to get out of bed
then i tripped on my
way to the baptistery –
and nearly drowned

after climbing out of
the water and while i
was shaking myself dry
my tail swished around
and found the nearest
electrical outlet – and
no this is not my new
hair style nor am i trying
to emulate bozo the
clown – so what if i look
like a frizzy tennis ball
do you think i care

i had just about decided
to leave the animal kingdom
for a nice cave in yellowstone
park when georgie the gypsy
moth came flittering by

it s friday the thirteenth
amos he sang almost
joyfully what happened
to you my fuzzy friend you
look like fattest hairy
caterpillar i ve ever seen

thanks a lot says i you re
about the cheeriest soul i ve
seen on such a hard-luck day

what s all this talk about
hard luck on such a bright
sunshiny day says he

i thought all gypsy moths
were a superstitious lot
says i today has been a
real friday the thirteenth

aw you don t believe all that
mush about broken mirrors
walking under ladders or
black cats crossing your path
being bad luck do you

as far as i m concerned any
cat crossing my path is
bad luck says i are you
saying you don t

i used to be the most
supersititious gypsy moth
in the universe he said i used
to knock on wood until i wore
out my wings i even tried to
wear a rabbit s foot around
my little neck but i never
could get off the ground –
and horseshoes were just out
of the question

so how did you overcome it
i asked how did get past all
the fear all the anxiety all
the looking over your shoulder
and staying constantly scared
of your own shadow

it wasn t easy nor was it
overnight said he but you
might say it happened when
i saw the light so to speak

saw what light i asked

the light of jesus and his
love for me

but how can that be – what is
it about jesus love that sets
you free says me

first of all he s lord of all
nothing happens without
his call he s king of every
situation ain t no surprises
at his station he brings good
out of bad turns your sad
into glad

but what about luck good
and bad i said

ain t no such luck he
flapped his wings there s
just jesus who redeems
the bad the troubled and
the sad to transform them
into super good things
things that build us up
and cause us to rejoice

you know what boss he
was right
the church pew underworld
was having a masquerade
party today and i went
as an electrified glow
worm i won first
prize – a sleek looking
new catamaran – it s really
the cat s meow boss