Meet the 47th New Mexico Legislature

Freedom Illustration: Ryn Gargulinski, Rick White

Rep. Jose Campos, D-Santa Rosa
• Age: 44
• Occupation: Restaurant owner
• District: 63, serving De Baca, Curry, Guadalupe and Roosevelt counties
• Time served: Second term.
• Legislative priorities: The transmission bill for renewable energy, Fort Sumner treatment facility, Martin Luther King overpass, Curry County Civic Center, Bella Vista
expansion project
• Capitol office phone: 986-4242

Rep. Anna M. Crook, R-Clovis
• Age: 71
• Occupation: Dental assistant in her husband’s dental office.
• District: 64, serving Curry County
• Time served: Sixth term.
• Legislative priorities: A drug rehabilitation program as an alternative to incarceration. Eliminate the bed-tax on senior
• Capitol office phone: 986-4454

Sen. Clint D. Harden, R-Clovis
• Age: 58
• Occupation: Owns Twin Cronnie Drive-in (with his wife) in Clovis
• District: 7, serving Colfax, Curry, Harding, Quay, San Miguel, Taos and Union counties
• Time served: Four years in the Legislature.
• Legislative priorities: “My number one priority is to get a budget.”
He said the purpose of the 30-day session is to pass a budget that operates state government. He wants to see that the state gets a balanced budget, with enough dollars for education.
• Capitol office phone: 986-4369

Sen. Stuart Ingle, R-Portales
• Age: 58
• Occupation: Farmer, rancher
• District: 27, serving Chaves, De Baca and Roosevelt counties
• Time served: Sixth term
• Legislative priorities: “To make sure we are not spending money in a reoccurring nature — to not keep throwing money at things without fixing them.”
He also hopes his district gets a fair portion of oil and gas tax revenue for schools, he said.
• Capitol office phone: 986-4702

Sen. Gay G. Kernan, R-Hobbs
• Age: 58
• Occupation: educator, owns of a storage facility
• District: 42, serving Chaves, Curry, Eddy, Lea and Roosevelt counties
• Time served: She was appointed in 2002.
• Legislative priorities: “We have to be careful not to expand too quickly.”
She said she wants to be careful not to add too many recurring costs, or add programs that would create recurring expenses in the future — given the large amount of revenue in the budget.
• Capitol office phone: 986-4274

Rep. Brian Moore, R-Clayton
• Age: 53
• Occupation: Owns a grocery store in Clayton
• District: 67, serving Curry, Harding, Quay, Roosevelt, San Miguel and Union counties
• Time served: Sixth year.
• Legislative priorities: Spend money wisely, don’t make commitments that can’t be upheld next year. Take care of things the Legislature promised to do last year. Work on economic development and consider buying state buildings instead of renting.
• Capitol office phone: 986-4467

What’s the most memorable moment from your time in the Legislature?

• Ingle: A particular senator was asleep on the floor, a microphone was put next to him. “It was quiet, until all of a sudden there was a beautiful snoring going on.” The unnamed senator has since died, and the incident occurred in the late 1980s.

• Harden: “My first day in the Legislature. The feeling of being overwhelmed, and understanding what the meaning was to be sitting in the Senate, as a representative for this part of the state … I looked at the seal and said, ‘wow, I’m representing people from my area.’”

• Kernan: “After my very first session, on the very last day … As the session comes to an end— it’s an interesting thing to watch the clock and know when it hits 12, that’s it. The leadership and speaking for the people. It was a moving time for me— the close of an experience that meant a lot to my life.”

• Campos: “When I put a bill to establish a military base commission before the house. There was a barrage of questions and concerns over forming a commission to keep bases in New Mexico … It was a proud moment, after 45 minutes of debate, it passed unanimously. It helps all communities with bases in the state.”

• Crook: “When I was a freshman. We held a veto override. We were able to sustain the veto, and kept the governor from overriding the veto.”

• Moore: “The day I was sworn in. I stood up and raised my hand and swore to uphold the constitution … It still makes hair stand on the back of my neck.”

— Compiled by CNJ staff writer Andy Jackson