Valentine’s Day calls for unique gift ideas

By Clyde Davis: Local Columnist

It is time, friends and neighbors, to prepare our hearts and minds — especially our hearts — for the celebration of romance and other forms of love, which we know as Valentine’s Day.

A list of unique ideas occur to me.

• Get some ideas from the Internet. I did not get these ideas from the Internet; I figure you can do that yourself, but there are plenty of good ways to celebrate this day with the one you love. Play around with key words and see what you can find.

• Remember friends with whom you are not romantically involved. Remember friends who are not romantically involved with anyone. Love is not just “Eros,” and there are some whom you love who may need an uplift.

• Find pictures of classic 19th century Valentine cards. Instead of buying a card, make one using these pictures. Once again, the Internet could be a great help, if you’ve access to a color printer.

• Remember your dog, cat or other pet. They are also in your circle of love and would be so happy to receive a special bit of attention or remembrance.

• Dedicate a song to her or him on a radio station you know he or she will be listening to. Pretend you are high school sweethearts back in the golden age of radio dedications.

• Declare your love for her to the world. Use a billboard, a business sign or a poster board in the front yard. Write it with stones on your driveway. Be creative.

• Make a child feel special. Most teachers do a great job of this with the long-standing classroom “Valentine Exchange.” You can too.

• Make an elderly person feel special.

• Reach out to someone who has recently lost the love of his/her life. Do you know anyone who is recently widowed? I’ll bet you do.

• Dress up as somebody else — say, Daffy Duck — and deliver flowers to her work.

• Find a poem or prose which describes your relationship. Re-copy it in a nice font and mail it to her at work.

• Avoid going out to dinner. Prepare her a gourmet meal at home. Do not waste this effort on the above mentioned dogs or cats; they won’t appreciate it anyway.

Above all else — don’t just do nothing. Do something — anything.