Bush deserves Oscar for post-9/11 acting

By Helena Rodriguez: Local Columnist

According to Shakespeare, the world is a stage and we’re all actors. According to Marshall McLuhan, the stage is a world and we’re actors. Either way, some of us are better actors than others, like President Bush.

When the 2006 Oscar nominations are announced on Tuesday, George W. Bush deserves an Academy Awards nod for best actor in a leading role for his performance in “Fahrenheit Post 9/l1.” And let’s not forget the Bush public relations team. They deserve a nod for best original screenplay for their believable scripts, which if you didn’t know better, would appear to be nonfiction.

Bush’s constant, well scripted, “sky is falling” press conferences and so-called town hall meetings are losing their impact as Bush keeps trying to justify a series of bad decisions he’s made since the Oval Office became his stage. (Don’t forget the Crawford Ranch. Too bad there’s not a golden statuette for best set design.)

I’m convinced Americans are beginning to tune out to these continuous Bush-o-mmercials, which are not designed to reassure us Americans we’re safer than on Sept. 11, 2001.

They’re designed for Bush’s sake, to try and justify to his own conscience, leading us into an unjustified war and throwing cvil rights and liberties out the window because of his outlandish “What if” scenarios, like the movie “The Day after Tomorrow.”

Just what if the polar ice caps melt and our Department of Homeland Security misses the warning signs because it happens to be Christmas break? Well actually that does sound more like nonfiction a la Hurricane Katrina.

This administration has relied on spin. It’s planted stories in newspapers and recently touted a so-called “non-scripted” question and answer session at Kansas State University. When the commander-in-chief’s own staff calls this recently staged event “non-scripted” you already know the answer to the next question, “And what were all of those other press conferences and town hall meetings?”

If you really want to see Bush unplugged, he should meet with the NAACP. The NAACP is just one of many organizations Bush refuses to meet with because it’s been critical of his policies. So in essence, what we got at KSU was an unscripted Q & A with a roomful of carefully chosen ticket holders. The only time Bush was put on the hot seat was when he was asked about the movie “Brokeback Mountain.”

That’s Bush unplugged.

I actually heard one of Bush’s people say on CNN the other day when trying to justify Bush’s unauthorized eavesdropping program, “We should have had this in place before Sept. 11.”

It wasn’t enough that they had credible evidence prior to Sept. 11 that attacks were being planned on the U.S. and that these attacks could possibly involve airplanes crashing into the World Trade Center? It wasn’t enough that the FBI knew about this? They failed to communicate, plain and simple. If they had used Bush’s same “sky is falling” or “we have to get them before they get us” mentality back then, then maybe we wouldn’t have had Sept. 11, not because we weren’t eavesdropping on people back then. We already knew. Somebody knew.

It’s been like “War of the Worlds.” The Martians are invading. The Iraqis have weapons of mass destruction. They’re invisible, but we know they’re there.

We have to give Bush credit now. He’s managed to say all of this with a straight face while thousands are needlessly dying. And for that, he deserves an Oscar Award for best actor.

Helena Rodriguez is a columnist for Freedom Newspapers of New Mexico. She can be reached at: helena_rodriguez@link.freedom.com