1/27 amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation. Last week, Amos was trapped by Marcellus the cat, and he was reflecting on Oliver Owl’s sermon about how the Apostle Paul’s difficulties were “divine wood cutters” to make way for the Gospel.

making way for good news
part two

so you see oliver hooted
paul said his circumstances
were divine wood cutters
cutting a way through the
opposition so the gospel
might be advanced

but look at his circumstances
says oliver how can this be
paul s liberty was gone –
he was chained to a roman
soldier night and day –
god had built a fence around
the apostle – he had put
limits around him – he had
placed handicaps on him –
but paul says that they
are god s wood cutters
making a way for the gospel

and he was right oliver said
the gospel was being proclaimed
from the pulpit of the entire
roman empire

the royal guard of ten thousand
hand-picked roman soldiers
were hearing the gospel from
the soldiers chained to paul –
they had to keep changing them
because they were continually
being converted to christ

the other preachers and
christians in rome became
bolder in their preaching of
the gospel because of paul s

and so it is with us
in our christian walk says
oliver – the things that
hedge us in – the things that
handicap us – the tests that
we go through – and the
temptations that
assail us – are all
divinely appointed wood
cutters used by god to hew
out a path for our sharing
and demonstrating the
gospel of jesus christ

it may be that our fondest
hopes can not be realized –
we may be in difficult
circumstances –
illness or sickness may be
our lot – yet if we are in
the center of god s will –
all of these are contributing
to the spread and progress
of the good news

they draw us closer to
the lord so that the
testimony of our lives
will count more for god

so thank god for the
handicaps and the testings
for they are blessings in

when we have limitations
put on us we do our best
work for the lord
because at that moment
we are most dependent
on him


p s – by the way boss
tommy got saved – it seems
that since marcellus was
so preoccupied by me that
willifred the white rat and
freddie the flea got a chance
to share jesus with him