2/19 Letters to the editor

Media should give Cheney accident rest
Dick Cheney unfortunately was involved in a hunting accident. That’s all it was.

There are many hunting accidents each year. Hunters shoot themselves with their own guns; they shoot fellow hunters; they shoot livestock by mistake, and so on.

It is amazing the press just can’t leave Cheney alone. So what if the incident wasn’t reported immediately? I would assume the first priority was to get medical attention for Harry Whittington and follow up on his recovery. If I had shot him by mistake, that would have been my first concern.

Now we have an editorial in the Clovis News Journal (“Cheney should be prepared to take heat for actions” on Friday) with more about the incident. I’d like to see this topic put to bed and some news and editorials about a newsworthy subject.

I’m sure there is one out there somewhere.

Karl Spence

Two deaths more than coincidence
A monster killed my two cats on Tuesday night on Thornton Street. I want people to understand that anyone who hurts animals, hurts people — and that does not say much for their soul.

I understand that cats get run over. One cat could have been an accident; two cats killed tells me this was intentional.

These were not two strays. They had a home and people who loved them. They were vaccinated, spayed and neutered.

My cats, for the most part, stay in their yard. But as with most cats, they do get curious and go on adventures. They never caused any problems in the neighborhood.

As for the motorists who would not even stop or slow down the morning we attempted to gather our cats and take them home: Shame on them as well.

I know they are just cats, but loved nonetheless.

Brenda Mares