3-31 amos

Editor’s note: The coming of spring has caught Amos, our poetic church mouse columnist, somewhat off guard this year. He stumbled into it the other day when he encountered Robin Redjoy.

two views of spring

boss last week was a dull
dreary week even the
sun didn t want to come
out and play until
the other day

i was down and
out boss – lower than
a caterpillar s belly
nothing could cheer me
up not even peanut
butter and jelly

then along came robin
singing like the entire
london philharmonic
his voice — in place
of his reputation —
preceded him

it was pure unadulterated
high-spirited joy boss
and it grated on
my misery

solomon once wrote
in proverbs — as he that
taketh away a garment in
cold weather and as
vinegar upon nitre
so is he that singeth
songs to an heavy
heart — i knew what the
man was talking about boss
robin was pouring
vinegar on my nitre —
whatever that is

but before i could
either grump or
quote scripture to
him boss mopey
molerus — the downcast
and despondent mole —
you remember him boss
he s the lowest mole
on the totem pole
in the bottom hole
anywhere around

anyway mopey pushed
his head out of the
ground and looked
everywhere around
and said what s all
this i ve never been
here before
where s the dirt maybe
i m at the earth s core

robin redjoy though
was halfway through
the hallelujah chorus
boss singing the joys of spring
with a cheerful heart it was
beginning to become a bit
contagious even in spite of
my stubbornness

how dull life is said
mopey mole this world
is just a dirty hole
i eat i dig and i store
and all i find is a bore

robin sang high in
the blue – how sweet is the
morning dew how clear
the brooks how fair the
flowers i rejoice in this
world of ours

mopey asked what s this
tell me what s all the
fuss about

o the sunshine and the
pine trees the green grass
white clouds and blue seas
spring said robin in his
big oak tree gives to the world
such grace and beauty

nonsense said mopey the
molerus i ve lived in this
world more than youse –
tunneled it and traveled
through it – i ve sniffed
snorted smelled and chewed it –
and i tell ya there ain t
nothing to it cept great big
gobby fishing worms
through it

boss it just goes to
show you how a fella s
perspective can color
his whole world