Seeing God requires faith, spiritual vision

By Judy Brandon: Local columnist

When I was a little girl, I often played a game of making objects out of the huge clouds that would cross the sky. I would play guessing games with Susie, telling her to look at the clouds to guess what animal or tree or person or whatever my imagination thought they resembled.

I really believed that God lived in the sky. When huge white clouds would hang in the blue above me, I really believed that if I looked long enough and hard enough, I might just see God.

My childhood faith was that simple. I reasoned that if God lived in the sky, he would probably be walking in and around the clouds. I reasoned that since God made the world and it was his creation, there was a big chance he might be living in the clouds because heaven was upward. So I just knew that on that special day, I would get a chance to see him. Many days, I squinted my eyes, peered upward and said a little prayer. I made it a game and even told Susie about my idea. I figured that it would do us both good — just catching a glimpse of God!

In my childlike mind, I relied on my sight or physical eyes thinking that I would see God. Now that the years have passed, I not only have grown older but also hope I have matured in my faith. I can recognize the distinct difference between sight and vision.

My faith now by necessity must involve vision. Sight only gives us direction as far as the physical eyes can see. But vision originates in the mind and heart.

If I have vision, I see not only what’s ahead; I see the unknown future with confidence. Even though I do not know what the future holds for me, my faith vision shows me the sovereignty of God. That in itself helps me to be less puzzled by the hardships in this world.

There have been times in my life that I have relied too much on what I see and not enough on what I see by faith. I have not always had the vision kind of faith that allows me to look for evidences of God and places of service beyond what I can physically see.

Nothing illustrates this concept better than this. When I drive home from college at night, I get in my car and start the engine. The lights automatically come on. I back out of my parking space and then look ahead at the parking lot in front of me. The headlights on my car allow me to see the parking lot but they allow me to see only so far. The key is I have to move, to step on the accelerator to see farther! The farther I drive, the more road I see! Put another way, I can’t see home from sitting in the parking lot with my lights on. But when I start the drive home, I see more and more the way as I drive down the road. The key is I have to start on faith and believe that my lights will show me the way home.

When I was child, I never did see God in the sky. But, now I see him everyday as I journey down this road called life with God as my guide. I’ve learned that spiritual vision relies on faith … and that is not in the blue sky but in the heart.

Judy Brandon is an instructor at Clovis Community College. Contact her at: