5/24 Letters to the editor

Repentance true way to join fellowship
Regarding Friday’s story in the newspaper headlined ‘“Progressive’ Christians spread message in Clovis”:

I love having fellowship with fellow Christians and I have diligently promoted churches working together in their common effort to build the kingdom of God here in Clovis. Realizing we live in evil times and that deception has come upon many who call themselves Christian, I am obligated to test every spirit to make sure I am promoting righteousness in my efforts to join hands with others.

Peter wrote about a group of messengers in his day who confessed to be Christian but spread lies and deceit, promoting a sinful lifestyle for believers. (2 Peter, Chapter 2) Jesus addressed this same “spirit” or doctrine in Revelation 2:14-15 and said he hated this doctrine of Balaam, which condoned sinful lifestyle for believers. We know however, that he simultaneously loves the sinner who is deceived, and we do also. Our desire is to see them repent (turn from sin to God) and be set free.

When sinners do come to Jesus in true repentance, hating their sin and loving righteousness, Jesus receives them and heaven rejoices over their surrender to him as their Lord and Master. At this point, we as his children also welcome and receive them into Christian fellowship, loving them as family. Up until that time, we love them with a design on winning them to his love through repentance from their sin. May the Spirit of Truth grant us wisdom in these last days.

Brad Mahan

Campaign truck much ado about nothing
A recent newspaper story regarding a truck purchased by Commissioner of Public Lands Patrick Lyons to use as a tool during his campaign is really “much ado about nothing.”

But the issue does bring up a stinging reality. Whether we like it or not, the “mother’s milk” of politics is money.

Let’s face it, no one has raised the money Bill Richardson has, and no one has a new jet (compliments of the New Mexico taxpayer) to fly around the state. If Patrick Lyons is smart enough to purchase a truck and exercise fiscal responsibility, then that’s the man I want as New Mexico’s land commissioner.

The objections from one (Jim Baca) who has used the land office as a stepping stone for other political offices, and from the other (Ray Powell) who sold off gas/oil leases on Otero Mesa and is now sorry for doing so, is simply disingenuous.

Eleanor Garcia
Santa Fe

Sheriff race brings out immaturity
Regarding Tuesday’s letter by Glenda Bly (“Anyone has right to question dependability of candidates”):

Everybody has been petty and immature about the Matt Murray/Chet Spear letters. We are a community. We should be helping each other, not tearing ourselves down.

I am ashamed to see the nasty letters about our people who serve and protect us. This is a disservice to everyone in our community to assume we are not intelligent enough to participate in an election and make a decision based on morals and values. Instead we make our town/community seem like trash!

Jaymi Simms