May 25, 2006 Letters to the Editor

Finding “Billy” facts an honorable taskWhat an honor for two of New Mexico’s finest citizens to be invited to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France for the showing of their documentary earlier this month.

Tom Sullivan, retired sheriff of Lincoln County, and his deputy, Steve Sederwall, participated in the making of a western documentary film, “Requiem for Billy the Kid,” directed by Anne Feinsilber. The film investigates the questioned death of Billy the Kid at the gun of Pat Garrett on July 14, 1881.

In their quest for evidence that focused on finding the truth, Sullivan and Sederwall’s reputation gathered national notoriety. The filming took place in Lincoln County and was chosen as a non-competitive, traditional, documentary film offering a creative look into the background of an American boy-icon who has captivated people.

Though myths perpetuated by a book authored by Pat Garrett himself and a handful of in-the-box-thinking historians would have us believe Billy was killed by Garrett, the official investigation over the past four years has revealed strong supportive evidence to the contrary. 

One trail of thought supported by documented evidence suggests Billy lived to be an old man of 90, dying in the street of Hico, Texas, under the assumed name of Brushy Bill Roberts.        

How wonderful if New Mexico and Texas would partner to creatively embrace the investigation of the legend of Billy the Kid, for Billy belonged to both, and there is much for each to share and to profit.             

We should be proud of the dedicated, difficult work Sullivan and Sederwall have exhibited in their determination to extract the truth against all odds.

Emily C. Smith

Hayden Lake, Idaho

Clovis needs Murray as sheriff
I wanted to express my thoughts for Matt Murray, who is running for sheriff of Curry County.

I’ve known Matt Murray for about 32 years. We worked side by side in law enforcement and have followed each other’s careers.

I know Matt Murray’s vision for making things better for the citizens of Curry County. Matt believes in family values and loves his family very much. Matt believes in God’s principles of not hurting anyone, but forgiveness.

I retired as Clovis’ chief of police before becoming city manager and leaving that position in 2004. Matt served the state of New Mexico as chief of the Motor Transportation Department and as Curry County sheriff.

Matt Murray has the professional experience, courage and the integrity needed to run the Curry County Sheriff’s Office. Matt Murray will have a strong undersheriff, Wesley Waller, who has more than 20 years of law enforcement experience.

There is no on-the-job training with Murray and Waller.

Matt Murray is a person of character and stands by the six pillars of character: citizenship, trustworthiness, caring, fairness, responsibility and respect.

Matt will serve all citizens of Curry County. Matt will not forget about the citizens of Texico, Grady, Broadview, Melrose and House.

He is what Curry County needs.

Raymond Mondragon