1976 UFO could have been Harrier jet

Letters to the Editor

I was a junior at Clovis High School in 1976 when a friend and I watched the UFOs flying around Clovis. (Sunday’s CNJ report) We grabbed binoculars and had a blast watching the sudden start and stop, up and down, and other moves impossible for an airplane, yet too fast for any helicopter.

Years later the incident came up while talking with another friend, who told me that at that same time a British Harrier unit was at Cannon Air
Force Base for several days. Their stay in-cluded some night maneuvers, and considering their cababilities, looked like the activity one would expect from a UFO.

I still chuckle at the memory, but what great fun for a couple of kids to see UFOs and be interviewed by the KOB-TV reporter.

Frank Dalton

Food handlers should handle food properly

I never thought I would write a letter to the editor, but I had an incident Saturday that changed my mind.

My wife was out of town, and I decided I wanted food from a Clovis restaurant.

While I was watching employees put together a few orders, I saw this young girl who took my order, and my money, prepare my food. She wasn’t wearing plastic gloves. (I didn’t see anyone wearing them). She wrapped my food, put it in a sack and handed it to me.

I asked her if she touched my food after handling money, and she gave me kind of a blank look, and said, “Yeah.”

I asked for my money back and left.

I may be an old goat, but that is serious bad business when the same person who handles your money also handles your food.

I hope I have enough sense to remember to not go back to that restaurant unless they change their procedures.

Don McKinney