July 2, 2006 Letters to the Editor

Politicians to thank for new mission
Moaning about politicians is as American as apple pie, and with the partisanship in Washington, that makes sense. The salvation of Cannon Air Force Base, however, showed us that New Mexico’s leaders deserve our respect and our gratitude for their service.
When Cannon appeared on the Base Realignment and Closure list, it seemed like doomsday for Clovis.
As the heart of our community was put in jeopardy, we looked to our leaders, who have just delivered us from the brink of disaster.
Partisanship was put aside as Gov. Bill Richardson, Congressman Tom Udall and Sens. Jeff Bingaman and Pete Domenici came together to protect the people of Clovis.
From Richardson’s skillful diplomacy in his meetings with every member of the BRAC Commission to Domenici’s tireless efforts in Congress, New Mexico’s leaders showed us the dedication and determination to serve our citizens.
Even when under attack from his opponents for spending state money on lobbyists, Richardson made sure that professionals represented our interests. With a city saved, new jobs on the way, and an important new training ground for the war on terror based here in New Mexico, I hope his critics are turning red.
Now’s the time for celebration, and I hope the governor, Udall, Domenici and Bingaman will come out and celebrate with us. Thanks to their efforts, Clovis will be here for a long time, and will be supporting the leaders who stood up for us at this critical moment.

Connie Belcher

We may never know who
to thank for saving Cannon

Since the Base Realignment and Closure Commission first announced Cannon Air Force Base was on the chopping block, the majority of the citizens of this and neighboring communities set forth an effort aimed at removing Cannon from the slaughterhouse. A few days ago the rewards of perseverance, diligence and togetherness of the governor, state and national legislators and local government entities, as well as many local dedicated citizens, were abundantly realized.
Cannon has been spared.
It is pointless for me to try to identify who may have taken the lead role in accomplishing this almost impossible mission because, as Gov. Richardson said, saving Cannon could not have happened without the collaborative effort of so many.
I want to thank all who supported the awesome task and to join in on the economic and personal prosperity that is logically anticipated.

George Lees

Helpful man in gas station gives hope in times of none
In this day and age where we usually hear only the bad about people, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the young man who helped me on a recent Monday afternoon.
I had stopped for gasoline at the corner of Prince and Llano Estacado; after filling up my car, it would not start. This nice young man came to my aid and got my car started. He showed me what to do if it happened again and suggested I go to another business to have them check my battery.
He refused my offer of payment. This young man told me his name was Mike. Any mother would be proud to have him as a son.

Chris Frazier