Something red, something white, something blue

By Marlena Hartz: CNJ staff writer

Red, white and blue. On and around July Fourth, these patriotic hues can be seen nearly everywhere — in yards, storefronts and the aisles of grocery stores. But these decorations are ephemeral.

Paying homage to the nation’s colors, the Clovis News Journal searched for them in more permanent states.

Something red
For eight years, Majorie Noble has owned a cherry-red truck.

“I liked the color and I thought it was pretty,” said Noble while downtown on an errand.

Her husband is retired from the Air Force, and Noble considers herself a patriotic person. That very sentiment, she said, may have attracted her to the red truck all those years ago.

She is reluctant to trade in the vehicle, although some of her friends have urged her to do so.

“My husband and I had a policy — trade in our cars after 10 years or 100,000 miles. But I just don’t want to let this one go. I like it too much,” she said.

Something white
The exterior of Johanna Cullen’s Spanish Colonial Revival-style home is painted white.

The color is “clean, fresh and cheerful,” said Cullen from her front porch.
With a red-tiled roof and etched borders, the home is one of the most distinctive in Clovis, and Cullen was immediately drawn to its crisp white shade.

But it wasn’t always that color, Cullen said. Years ago, the home — built in 1937 — was brown. Yet, there were no remnants of the darker shade when Cullen purchased the home five years ago. And as long as Cullen owns it, the home will remain white, she said.

Something blue
For president and qualifying broker of 505 Realtors, Carolyn Spence, choosing blue awnings was a calculated move.

“In Clovis, we have great big, blue skies.

“We are always thinking of ways to be loyal to our customers, and we wanted to reflect the big skies of Clovis. We wouldn’t think of doing anything else,” said Spence from her 505 Realtors office on Main Street, where three bright-blue awnings shadow the front door and windows.

The company’s logo, painted in red, white and blue, also plays on Clovis’ patriotic sentiments.

A locally owned business, 505 Realtors was established just four years ago. When the awnings were added outside two years ago, business nearly doubled, Spence said.

“The awnings are very visible. People are more aware we are here,” Spence said.

The sturdy blue awnings have been cleaned only once since they were erected, Spence said.

Last summer, a dusty August deposited a dirty film on the awnings. They were sprayed off with a hose, and have remained clean, Spence said