Clovis work force shows surprising skill

CNJ Staff

A program geared toward certifying potential employees has shown the Clovis work force to be more skilled than initially thought, according to information presented at a joint committee meeting Tuesday for the Eastern Area Workforce Development Board.

A program that tests prospective employees in the areas of mathematics, reading and locating information administered to 1,000 area residents shows they are functioning at proficient levels, according to Trina Miller, local coordinator for testing.

Another 1,000 people are expected to be tested within the next two months, according to Lee Tillman of the Eastern Plains Council of Governments.

Members of the local work force can be tested for specific job descriptions and rated as silver, bronze or gold, depending on their score. They will receive a certificate they can provide prospective employers. Making employers aware of the certification program and what it means are program goals, Tillman said.

Also discussed at the meeting were efforts between Clovis and Fort Walton Beach, Fla., work force boards to assist workers affected by the recent Department of Defense decision for Cannon Air Force Base to become home to the 16th Special Operations Wing in October 2007.

Concerned about workers on both sides of the transition, the agencies are collaborating to assure active-duty military spouses and other displaced workers are aware of their options and the resources that exist to assist in the transition, Miller said.