Letters to the Editor: Wildcat marching band deserves praise

We would like to take this opportunity to say congratulations to the Clovis High School Wildcat Marching Band.

We attended the Tumbleweed Classic competition on Saturday in Denver City, Texas. The performance by Clovis was breathtaking and beautiful.

The hard work these young people put into their performance was obvious and in our opinion they were absolutely the “grand champions” of that competition again this year.

And then they earned their 42nd superior rating at the marching contest in Artesia on Tuesday!

We would like to encourage them to keep up the good work and wish them the best of luck in the Zia Marching Fiesta coming up Saturday.

Eddie and Denise Workheiser

Kindness will be paid forward
On Monday, I received a surprise phone call from two old friends passing through Clovis and we decided to meet and have something to eat. They are former neighbors and friends from Guatemala and we had not seen each other in many years. We enjoyed our visit and our meal together very much. Then, as my friend went to pay for our meal, we learned that a fellow diner had already done so!
So, not knowing this person’s identity to thank him in person, I am taking this means to do so. The visiting couple have humbly and sacrificially served the Lord for many years in spite of many obstacles and I am sure will continue to do so till the end. They give medical treatment and minister to people in remote areas who otherwise would have no such help.

Thank you, fellow diner, for the kindness, and may God bless.

Karen Estrada

Big business can be overpowered
Most significant things in our lives are controlled, affected or influenced by the modern corporate state. From the administration of social justice to satire on late-night TV, big business calls most of the shots.

This includes, unfortunately, the nature of war and peace over most of the world. To an enormous extent, the actions and inclinations of normal, individual people searching for sense in the world are powerless against the social and economic institutions we’ve built to enrich ourselves. War is big business, good for fat cats almost everywhere, while untold thousands of innocent people are killed in the process.

The absurdity is staggering.

But almost unique to America, we have a political system that can fight back, even when most of its operatives are bought by the corporations. Ultimately, if we have the political will, via free and fair elections, we can stop, slow or change the direction of this massive nonsense.

We don’t have to buy it anymore.

No sale.

Kirby Rowan