Reporter’s Notebook: Entrepreneurship class uses skills to raise funds

By Marlena Hartz: CNJ staff writer

CLOVIS RESIDENT Judy Uerling remembers her first year as a restaurant owner in Albuquerque.

Business was slow. But Uerling still turned to those less fortunate.

“RATHER THAN FEEL sorry for myself, I made five gallons of vegetable beef soup and took it to a (soup kitchen). They were so grateful, and it made me feel so good,” Uerling said.

As a teacher at Clovis High School, primarily of culinary arts, Uerling has tried to spread her philanthropic state of mind.

LAST SEMESTER, 22 students in her elective class on entrepreneurship raised $1,200 with two fund-raisers.

The class will donate the funds, in the form of gift cards, to the Lighthouse Mission this Friday, she said.

STUDENTS MADE AND SOLD artificial mum corsages to fellow students during homecoming. They sold personalized holiday-grams with handmade cards during Christmas. They learned the ins and outs of marketing and sales.

Uerling also hopes they learned how to give.

“I HOPE SO,” she said. “I sincerely hope so.”

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