Letters to the Editor: Devil, child abuse not part of Wiccan religion

Regarding the Jan. 14 newspaper story about the Portales woman accused of killing her son because he had “the devil” in him:

The story reported the suspect checked out books on Wicca from the library.

This statement from District Attorney Matt Chandler flew in my face:

“We believe the way some of the child abuse resulting in death happened can be related to stuff that’s in those books.”

I don’t know Chandler, but he is obviously an insensitive, ignorant man about Wicca.
First off, Wiccans don’t even believe in the devil, so I can assure you he won’t find that in any of Gavin and Yvonne Frost’s books. Second, he needs to know that such a clearly bigoted statement can do harm to the more than 410,000-plus Wiccans and Neopagans in the U.S.

It is a pity the child died in such a horrible manner, but the devil isn’t a Wiccan power. It is a Christian one.

Wiccans value their children highly. They do not abuse them; that would go clearly against the Wiccan rede.

Peaceful Wiccans and pagans daily have to deal with religious persecution.

There’s no reason to use a child’s death to target any religious group.

Shame on Matt Chandler.

And fair reporting would have definitely included the fact that Wiccans clearly do not worship any devil or Satan.

Kristi Gilleland
Rome, Ga.

U.S. can’t blame Iraqis for troubles it started

It amazes me every time I hear President Bush or Condoleezza Rice state that the American people are losing patience with the Iraqi government or that the American government will not wait patiently for the Iraqis to establish peace within their borders.

We seem to expect that the Iraqi government should have a quick fix to a huge problem created by the American government. It was the American government that chose to enter Iraq, depose their dictator whom the American government had supported originally, bring down their system of government, and destroy their country and leave them in a state of violent chaos.

It was the American government that decided the Iraqi people should have elections and who should run for office.

Now, with Iraq in a horrible state of unrest, the president wishes to escalate the conflict, a tactic used by Richard Nixon in Vietnam that failed only to be followed by a U.S. withdrawal after many casualties on both sides. We are about to do the same in Iraq.

But there is one huge difference between Iraq and Vietnam. The conflict in Vietnam was in progress when the U.S. chose to get involved. The mess in Iraq was created by the U.S. government.

And now the easy out will be to blame the powerless Iraqi government and its people for our colossal failure. What logic!

Geni Flores