Police ask for help

Clovis police issued the following news release on Saturday morning, asking the public for assistance in the Marissa Graham kidnapping case:

Incident Type: Escape and Recovery Of Marissa Graham- Need Publics Help
Contact Person: Detective Max Stansell

The Clovis Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation need the public’s assistance in reference to the Marissa Graham case who was abducted by a stranger in Oklahoma and escaped in Clovis.

Both law enforcement agencies are asking that anyone who was at the Allsup’s convenience store located at Mabry Drive and Sycamore on Friday January 19, 2007 at around 12:30 PM to contact the Police Department. Specifically we are looking for information from three people who were conducting business at the Allsup’s store at about 12:30 PM. One was in a white car at the gas pumps, one was in a pickup truck at the gas pumps and the third was in a dark colored 4-door car parked in front of the store.

These people might be witnesses to this incident and their information could be very important to the case.

However, anyone who was in that area during this time frame, regardless of what they remember, is urged to contact Detective Max Stansell at 763-9456 or Lt. Rich Johnson at 763-9406 at the Police Department.