Vandals strike homes, vehicles

By Marlena Hartz: CNJ Staff Writer

Dozens of vehicles and several homes in Clovis were riddled with BBs or pellets last weekend, according to the Clovis Police Department.

The Department had received 45 reports of criminal damage to vehicles as of Monday, according to Clovis Police spokesperson Lt. Patrick Whitney.

The vandalism spree occurred mainly in north Clovis, Whitney said.

Shards of glass still littered the street Monday outside Karin Sacane’s Clovis home.
Sacane said two of her friends parked their cars near her street curb when they visited her Friday night and both of their cars were damaged.

“They were very, very angry. It’s horrible,” Sacane said.

“Someone needs to catch (the culprit(s)),” she said.

Cumulative damage to the glass of vehicles hit is estimated at roughly $10,000, according to the Clovis Police Department.

A few house windows were also damaged.

Clovis homeowner Wilfred Cormier said he was reading near his window Friday night when his home was hit by BBs or pellets. Three button-sized punctures mar his front window.

“I’m glad it was a BB gun,” Cormier said.

The spree swept property primarily north of 14th Street, and vandal(s) moved from east to west, Whitney said. Several witnesses reported seeing a small, dark-colored car fleeing in neighborhoods that were struck, Whitney said.

Police believe the spree started at around 8 p.m. Friday night and lasted until around 4 a.m. Saturday morning, but reports of damage bled into Monday, Whitney said.

A rash of criminal damages to vehicles by BBs or pellets was also reported in north Clovis over the weekend of Jan. 12. That weekend, police received about 20 reports of window damage to vehicles. They believe the incidents are related, Whitney said.
Investigation into the incidents is ongoing and police are following leads, he said.

The Clovis Police Department is asking anyone with information about the vandalism spree to contact the CPD Detective Division at 763-9470 or Curry County Crime Stoppers at 763-7000.