Meetings watch: Clovis City Commission

By Jean Verlich: CNJ news editor

Clovis City Commission action at Thursday’s regular meeting
included the following:

—Accepted a $754,346 state grant to maintain and enhance the Clovis Police Department’s 911 system. The upgraded system will automatically route calls to the appropriate
emergency responder and display the caller’s location and telephone number. Funds also will be used for cellular 911.

—Authorized $12,764 for a survey of the Play Inc. building to identify any asbestos and lead-based paint and provide an estimate for abatement. The survey is being done in
preparation for the building’s demolition before constructing the new Wellness Center on the site.

—Granted the Ned Houk Park Sports organization a one-year permit to hold motorcycle races at the Ned Houk Motor Sports Complex. According to Ned Houk Motor Sports Complex President Ray Reeser, the track will be built in the infield of the stock car track.
—Approved disbursement of $15,000 of Lodger’s Tax Funds are follows:
—Desert Cruzers received $750 for Lone Wolfman Tour;
—3 Amigos, $6,000, for golf
—Miss Rodeo New Mexico, $2,750;
—Clovis/Curry County Chamber of Commerce, $1,000 for Pioneer Women’s Breakfast and $4,000 for “Believe in Me,”
—Joe’s Boot Shop, $7,500 for calf roping event.

—Tabled action on an ordinance to change off-street parking standards for indoor theaters and assembly rooms from one space for every three seats to one space for four seats. The ordinance was proposed by Sam Snell for a theater development behind RodenSmith Village. Commissioners asked for more time to study drainage issues and the impact on Axtell and Wallace streets near the site of the expected development.