Music means fun, entertainment

By Hanna Langan: Guest columnist

This is part of a week-long series in celebration of “Music in Our Schools Week” at Clovis Municipal Schools.

What music means to me is fun and entertainment, and something I could enjoy in front of a crowd or by myself.

I enjoy music and many different aspects, be it playing my cello, singing with my church group, or listening to it on my iPod.

Music has helped me meet people, such as the teachers who have instructed my music class, or taught me to read music during my cello lessons.

One such person who has influenced me to pursue my musical interests is Mr. Chuck Tipton, youth director at Central Baptist Church. He is always supportive and praising me about the sound of my voice.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve sung to CDs and to the songs on the radio. Some of my favorite music is Alternative Christian Rock, and my favorite song is “Set Me Free” by Casting Crowns.

My mom and dad said I have a nice voice and I should use my voice and let people hear me sing.

I have accomplished two of my goals: honor choir and ambassador choir.

If I had to choose the most wonderful thing about music, it would be “everything,” because everything about music is wonderful.

When I grow up, I hope someday to sing in the CHS chorale or even a Broadway musical.

Hanna Langan is a fifth-grader at Highland Elementary School.