Officials investigate liquor license for fairgrounds

By Marlena Hartz: CNJ staff writer

County officials are researching obtaining a license to serve liquor at the Curry County Fairgrounds.

Curry County Fairgrounds Manager Justus Anderson is gathering information on how county officials would acquire the license, he said during a Tuesday Curry County Commission meeting.

Officials envision serving alcohol in a contained and secured area at the fairgrounds. The county would likely contract with a vendor who would serve alcohol, Anderson said.

“The whole fairgrounds would be cleared (for serving alcohol). We would indicate which buildings it would be served in,” Anderson said.

Concerns about serving alcohol at the fairgrounds were raised at the meeting.

Commissioner Frank Blackburn worried youth who attend fairground events could access alcohol.

But obtaining a liquor license could actually curb underage drinking at the fairgrounds, Curry County Manager Dick Smith said. Having designated areas for drinking would allow officials to “monitor consumption,” he said.

Smith said after every event at the fairgrounds, beer and liquor bottles are found strewn across the grounds.

Curry County resident Dorothy Ross also expressed concerns Tuesday.

“To me, it’s just like another open door for DUIs,” Ross said.

Anderson said he will continue to research the application process for acquiring a liquor license. He will present findings to county commissioners at a later date.

He said public hearings would be held concerning a fairgrounds’ liquor license.

The city of Clovis has a liquor license to serve alcohol at the Clovis Civic Center. The city leases the license to Global Spectrum, the company that operates the center.