Reporter’s Notebook: Base donates furniture to center

By Tonya Fennell: CNJ staff writer

MATT 25 HOPE CENTER Executive Director Steve Reshetar likened a recent donation to throwing a stone into a pond.

The donation created a ripple effect.

The ripple began when Reshetar received a phone call from Cannon Air Force Base personnel. Reshetar said furniture from 70 dorm rooms — including beds, dressers, nightstands, wardrobes and desks — was offered to the center.

“I PICKED MYSELF UP FROM THE FLOOR,” Reshetar said, “and said, ‘Sure we can use it.’”

Reshetar said the donated furniture was placed on the second floor of the center, which is under construction in hopes of creating a residential program.

SINCE THE DONATED FURNITURE amounted to more than the Matt 25 Hope Center could utilize, Reshetar called the Lighthouse Mission. He said the mission was in need of the furniture for its residential program.

Other local programs including the Baptist Children’s Home in Portales and the Red Cross benefited from the furniture as well.

Reshetar said he is still trying to meet the needs of other area nonprofit and Christian organizations as well.

“THE TRICKLE-DOWN effect went on,” Reshetar said. “It reminded me of the multiplication factor of blessings.”

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