Take doomsayers with grain of dust

By Guest Columnist: Brett Johnson

The April 6 CNJ article “Dusty days may be ahead” made me laugh.

Am I the only person who watches the weather forecast to see how far the weatherperson will miss it?

For instance how about the snow we had on March 30? Did anyone get an advance notice about that?

How about the doom and gloom scenario that we heard this time last year about the terrible hurricane season we were going to have that never materialized?

I remember the day I lost faith in our weather reporters. It was about 12 years ago and the forecast was for rain all weekend. There was no rain that Saturday. And then on Sunday after church, I flipped on the TV to hear “looks like there will be no rain in the viewing area today.”

I turned off the TV, walked outside and it started to rain.

Talk about missing a forecast.

A weather forecast is only good for four hours and then it is only good MOST of the time.

The article reported “Researchers studied 19 computer models of the climate, using data since 1860.” Are we supposed to be impressed that they used 147 years of data from a planet that is arguably at least 10 million years old?

That is like a stockbroker telling us he can predict the stock market because he has studied 19 computer models using data from the last 4.93 hours of trading.
How many would be willing to invest money with this guy?

Everyone beware: The global warming crowd is about power and control, not saving our planet as evidenced by the father of global warming Al Gore and his carbon footprint.

Yes, we must conserve our energy. Yes, we must do all we can do to not pollute our Earth. Yes, we must use water wisely, especially in the desert Southwest.

But please don’t let this group scare you into lowering your quality of life with no real evidence that you are the cause of global warming or that the current heating of the Earth is not the normal cycle.

I do believe the experts that the Earth is warmer than it was 100 years ago. But I am not convinced that we are the cause of it and I don’t believe they know what the effects will be for New Mexico or anywhere else.

I visit the coasts every year and have never seen anyone raising the elevations of any ports because the oceans are rising.

I have spent many hours camping and hiking in New Mexico and have found seashells in the most desolate places you can imagine.

The Clovis Point is evidence that we must have had surface water in this area in the past and we don’t have any idea what the average temperature was then.

Don’t be surprised if 100 years from now the headline in the paper reads “Global cooling could turn the Southwest into a permanent Dust Bowl.”

Brett Johnson is a lifelong Clovis resident. Contact him at: