Letters to the Editor: Global warming poses heated threat

I have to respond to Brett Johnson’s column, “Take doomsayers with grain of dust” from April 15.

Yes, I did know snow was expected on March 30 (and ice and snow on more recent weekends.) Our local weather forecasters keep me well informed and I appreciate their efforts.

As for Johnson’s warning of doomsayers, I too do not believe in listening to what I call “chicken little-ism.”

That’s why I do not watch CNN or FOX News.

But the reality of global warming is something we have been warned about since the 1970s. And now, finally, our scientific community has hard evidence to prove that we are the cause of global warming.

The Earth’s temperature has risen steadily over the last 150 years, since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. That was when we started burning fossil fuels and pumping carbon dioxide into our air.

No, a couple of inches of higher tide does not make a difference on the southern shores of our homeland, but it makes a big difference at the source of the melting, the Artic and Ant-arctic. That’s where the icebergs are melting so quickly that penguins cannot find solid ice to nest on and polar bears are drowning and starving because they cannot find solid ice to hunt on.

But I can see that is not a problem in Johnson’s world, because there are no penguins or polar bears in Clovis.

Gail Sharpe

Clovis flyers being punished by DOT
Now that I know the full story of the Great Lakes debate (March 23 CNJ), I am upset.
It is presumptuous on the part of the Department of Transportation to prescribe what is best for the citizens of Clovis.

Denver undoubtedly is a larger hub than Albuquerque, but Denver is 500 miles from Clovis; Albuquerque is 200 miles away and we get non-stop service. And Clovis residents still have access to Frontier, United, and other airlines, including Southwest, at the Sunport.

The Clovis-to-Denver proposition mandates one stop. I fail to see that traveling to Denver with a stop in Amarillo, Santa Fe, or Pueblo and eliminating Albuquerque would be anything but a major inconvenience.

The citizens of Clovis, the city commissioners, our mayor, and Great Lakes Airline are being blind-sided by this move of the DOT.

Great Lakes already serves Denver from Clovis through Amarillo. I seriously doubt the passenger miles from Clovis to Denver through Amarillo come anywhere near those of Clovis-Albuquerque.

DOT says that depending on the citizens’ reactions, Great Lakes can swap one of its 18 flights a week to Denver for a Clovis-Albuquerque flight.
What a magnanimous gesture.

Let’s face it, the bottom line is that DOT is spanking Clovis for turning down Pacific Wings and its promise to serve Clovis at a cheaper subsidy than Great Lakes with an airplane that is much smaller, flies half as fast, is not pressurized, seats a maximum of nine passengers, and is authorized to fly with one pilot.
At times government can indeed be very vindictive.

Bill Gaedke